Outlook calendar not updating time zone

Once you’ve double checked that the phone’s time and time zone are correct, you also need to ensure that the time zone for your calendar is right. I have checked every setting there is – can’t find anything that “would not split incoming text messages”.Here’s a screenshot if it helps, the message is a notification from my bank when my card gets billed: That you for looking into this! A standard text message has a maximum of 160 characters in length.

I’ve made sure that all the devices are using the same time zones. Google Calendar uses local and device time so you have to make sure that the time zone on your Android phone is set correctly. So the problem is: when receiving SMS messages, my phone splits them in two. Even on my old shitty non-smart Nokia these same messages would arrive as one.

Question: How can I change the Update Item call to make sure my Outlook events keep having the correct time(zone)?

In the 'Label' box, enter a name for current time zone.

Step 1, create a single event, works fine First I create a single event, running from to local time (Amsterdam DST, so UTC 2). I tried leaving out all time zone info when creating the event, but this immediately gives me the 'Reykjavik effect' of step 2. Step 2, update the single event, fails: changes timezone as displayed in Outlook Now I modify the event caption only; I need to specify all items again (my code has no idea what changed): I have tried placing Meeting Time Zone at other locations in the file but keep getting syntax errors.

No issue there, here's the event in Outlook 2007: This is the XML that creates the event: Note that I specify the Meeting Time Zone, and give Start/Finish an explicit time zone, so that Exchange Server knows how to convert it to UTC without having to rely on the server time zone (see Best Practices for Using Exchange Web Services for Calendaring Tasks).

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How to set your current time zone using G Suite are added properly to your calendar.

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