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"The chemistry was there."There's an unexpected denouement to this Boston-Toronto love connection, but we don't want to bum you out just yet.

This week, as the world endures another Valentine's Day, 80 million American singles require comfort in the face of the annual assault on their self-esteem.

His job is not to pair one lovebird with another (other staffers manage the matching schemes), but rather to parse the data given in user profiles into little pieces, and then reassemble them in compelling and often quirky ways.

Instead, he works for the dating Web site Ok Cupid.Tech & Science 20 million users visit a dating site each month. Plus, dating sites have an incentive to avoid being too good.If they quickly find you a match, you then quit the site.(Or so you promise.) It’s like the quandary dentists must feel when they give their patients fluoride treatments. Over the years, many have purported to use algorithms to guide users to better matches, but none have improved the odds much.The algorithms that refine Google or capture more of your money on Amazon choke when applied to the complexities of attraction.

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