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As pro-Russia soldiers occupy towns across Crimea, leaders of the region's Tatar minority are mobilizing unarmed field patrols.Though they lack official authority, they hope to prevent inter-ethnic conflict.Rabbinites were called Zülüflü Chufutlar (“Yids” with sidelocks) and the Karaites Zülüfsüz Chufutlar (“Yids” without sidelocks).Hellenized Greek-speaking Jews first settled in Crimea in Panticapaeum (today’s Kerch) in the first century is well documented archaeologically.

Entomological (insect) warfare is also considered a type of biological weapon.In the latter case, or if a nation-state uses it clandestinely, it may also be considered bioterrorism.A French legal expert told The Sun: 'This is a legal separation, which means the couple are not legally obliged to live together, and they can have separate lives, and no longer have intimate relations.Biological weapons may be employed in various ways to gain a strategic or tactical advantage over the enemy, either by threats or by actual deployments.Like some of the chemical weapons, biological weapons may also be useful as area denial weapons.

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“Marriage, Not Dating” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Song Hyun Sook.

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