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As it turns out, wearing a bra that doesn’t fit you correctly can result in a whole slew of side effects that are really not fun. If your bra is too tight, it causes tension on your shoulders, neck and back and that in turn can cause headaches.Source: Shutter Stock According to British research, a bra that is the wrong size can cause the ligaments to stretch, which can ultimately result in saggy boobs. Source: Shutter Stock If your bra is too big, that means that you're not getting enough support.And if you're not getting enough support, your boobs (especially if they're large) are going to start giving you back pain.Source: Shutter Stock If your bra is too big, you'll probably start tightening the straps so that your boobs get lifted up more.Like, figuring out your perfect bra size, or familiarizing yourself with all the different styles.Whatever it is you want to figure out, we’ve got the answers!

I also have a page that has a list of over 200 celebrity breast sizes.

You can see pictures of different actresses arranged in order of their bra size.

Her figure has extreme hourglass shape with large F cups and noteworthy booty whole keeping very slim waist. It’s highly unlikely she attained those measurements without any plastic surgery.

Helene’s hard-to-believe proportions caused a huge fuss. Most of her photos are focusing on her large bust or even larger buttocks.

And whether it’s in tight minidress, leggings, or bikini, it’s certainly something to look at.

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This may seem like no big deal, but it actually is something you should probably be thinking about before you buy your next bra.

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