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"You have this small, loser town filled with loser people and Tom's at least kind of cool.

The reality is, if you were a young attractive woman in Pawnee, and you worked with a guy who's kinda cool even if he's a dope, at some point you'd say, let's just try it."So what happens next?

So she gets really really drunk at 4 in the afternoon.We won't buy those monogrammed wedding gifts just yet.Schur goes on to say that his writing staff has been talking about hooking up Tom and Ann since season three because they wanted to do something more casual, and comical."We have a lot of soul-matey relationships, with Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) and Andy (Chris Pratt) and April (Aubrey Plaza)," Schur explains, "and we just wanted to do a comedy relationship. K.'s lovable, oft-missed Officer Dave, who goes toe-to-toe with Leslie's new boyfriend Ben. K.'s always a welcome presence, plus it's easy to imagine how things will go, thanks to these three characters' strongly established personality quirks: Leslie with her need to please, Ben's intense distaste for police officers, and Dave's slight dopiness.Compare these detailed characters with the one resident of Pawnee who has no such definition, one who rarely gets quotable lines and seems only rarely to be essential to the story: Ann Perkins. Let's be clear: is one of our favorite shows, and it's close to impossible to dislike Rashida Jones.

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If anything, it's our persistent fondness for her that makes us wish Ann had more of a deal on the show. Pawnee has room for approximately one normal person.

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